Climbing Vulcano

A view across Lipari Bay

Vulcano from offshore

A view towards Lipari just after reaching the crater rim

Despite not having an eruption for over a century there is still lots of activity from the fumeroles

This is a panorama of almost 180 ° taken just after reaching the crater rim...

...and this is a panorama of almost 180 ° taken from the second highest point

There are vast sulphur deposits left by the fumeroles

The fumes are quite unpleasant, containing sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide which are irritant and suffocating

A plug of solidified lava plugs the centre of the crater

The Laghetto di Fanghi mud baths have been claimed to alleviate skin complaints and even arthritic disorders. They smell strongly of hydrogen sulphide and even after swimming in the sea so does the mud bather.

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