Relive or experience for the first time the joys of walking in Lakeland. Visit the fells and the lakes Lake District Walks Screen Saver for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP/Vista/7. It comprises a series of images from this site in a widely configurable program. Change the screen display period; any selection of over 20 transitions (blinds, dissolves, spirals, slides, sparkles, zooms etc.); caption font style, size and location. There are a quickstart icons for your desktop and system tray. This program is freeware.

To install:-

  1. Download the installation file ldwsetup.exe to your hard disc
  2. Double-click on the file icon on your desktop or in Windows Explorer and follow the instructions.

Download Lake District Walks Screen Saver (2.2MB)

Or try this brand new screensaver of pictures from Peru

Download Lake District Walks - Peru Screen Saver (3.3MB)

Or this one of pictures from Ethiopia

Download Lake District Walks - Ethiopia Screen Saver (3.7MB)

Or this one of pictures from Egypt

Download Lake District Walks - Egypt Screen Saver (1.8MB)

Or a screensaver for widescreen monitors based on images of 1920x1080 format.
It comprises 17 images, eight from Lakeland, and others from Egypt, Ethiopia, Peru and Turkey

Download Lake District Walks - Wide Screen Saver (5MB)


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