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The English Lake District is the most beautiful natural terrain I know. In 1990 I was fortunate enough to be able to come to live here permanently and walk the Lakeland fells to my heart's content. This site is dedicated to all those who explore the area on foot.

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19 July 2012   I've changed all picture links in the walks to the larger versions of the pictures. The smaller pictures were appropriate when the site was started in 1996 but have become outdated.
16 January 2012   I'm in the process of adding new and replacement photos to the site. Details can be found here.
14 October 2011   I've recently returned from a trip to Ecuador. Details and pictures of this trip can be found here.
30 May 2011   I've recently returned from a walking holiday to the Lycian Way in Turkey. Details and pictures of this trip can be found here.
18 April 2011   I have added a new walk, Alcock Tarn - A Short Walk from Grasmere. It is just that, a short walk. I prepared it originally in 2003 for the Cumbria Tourist Board's Lake District Outdoors website which was closed down about two years ago. So, I decided to salvage my work and post it here with rather more photographs than it had then.
30 March 2011   A number of widescreen wallpaper images (1920 x 1080) have been made available for your desktops. These are available here.
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Index of WalksThe site contains detailed descriptions of over 40 walks with links to relevant photographs throughout the text. Each walk description can printed out on a single sheet of paper for reference when on the fells.
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Standard sizeThere are around 500 photographs, almost all of them in two sizes and being directly related to the walks. Links to them appear within the detailed description pages.
PanoramasA number are available including some 360°+ panoramas from peaks such as Scafell Pike and Bowfell.
Zoom ImagesSome are available with a facility to zoom in on the detail.
NotesThe author's experience with GPS including computer programs to upload to/download from GPS units
DataWaypoint data for each of the walks is available to upload to a unit or to follow the routes on a map
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List of Lakeland Felltopsin order of height, and which walks include them
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LinksLake District and Outdoor Links plus a page of sites that link to this one
Visitors' BookSee what others thought of the site
Walkers' ResponsibilitiesThe author is not able at present to guide over the fells (pressure of work) but this provides useful information on equipment, food & drink and suchlike
WeatherA brief guide to Lakeland Weather and a link to the daily forecast
Index of TripsThis includes my own reports and photographs of trips abroad to the likes of Kilimanjaro, Ararat, Sicilian volcanoes, Ethiopia and Peru

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